The re-stored carbon company

We re-store capturedcarbon into industrialraw materials.

We re-store captured carboninto industrial raw materials.

We put CO2 to good, permanent use.

Carbon capture is key to countering the climate crisis. Doing this at scale requires putting massive amounts of CO2 somewhere; we suggest putting it to good use by permanently storing it in industrial material.


Our technology was invented by nature. CO2 mineralisation is a natural process that turns carbon dioxide into stone – but as with most geological processes, it takes centuries. Based on 20 years of research, we have found a way to accelerate the process by a factor of more than a million, with minimal energy use. We combine captured carbon with abundant minerals to create a carbon-negative raw material.

Time for CO2 to mineralise
Natural conditions
2345667890 678906789067890 678906789067890 minutes
2345667890 minutes

Our on-site CO2 mineralisation process

For industry emissions & DAC

Process overview
Process overview

Paebbl’s modular technology is industrially scalable and can be integrated into any carbon capture system. As a result, we deliver a carbon-negative raw material stream that fundamentally changes the economics of keeping carbon away from our atmosphere.


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